Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Funday

Howdy there, folks! Welcome to sunday! It was a marginally productive day. I took my "cross training" pretty lightly and only did an hour of yoga. But, after realizing this morning that I definitely strained my patella tendon, that was enough. 

After my measely workout I headed to the Adidas outlet. I bought some running tights in the wrong size and needed the correct size. Upon looking around for a bit I realized they didn't have ANY running rights for women! So, I had to look around and find things to get in exchange for my pants. Because they were having a super amazing sale (50% off of clearance) I managed to get 5 shirts and two hats for $50. Boller. 

Sadly I must say that I'm down for the count on the couch icing my knee. Tomorrow I have a spin class and a swim planned for my "rest" day. 

This also marks the end of my week 4 training! OH MY GOSH. I completed all work outs and other than the sore knee, I feel great. I can definitely tell that I'm getting stronger. Overall, my pace is improving leaps and bounds. I'm focusing a lot of energy on my core which allegedly helps with your endurance runs by giving your body the ability to keep form better. The swimming and spinning are helping a lot, too. This week I'm definitely going to spin more on my "active rest" days. With this cold weather, that shouldn't be a problem... 

For now I will retire with a glass of wine and a hope for a less painful Monday.  

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