Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fit Mom on Fire

You know, it's mind boggling to me that as women we put so much shame on each other. We criticize, shame and compare one another. And...I can't figure out why. "Fit Mom" Maria Kang posted a photo of her showing off her toned tummy while surrounded by her children. The caption reads "what's your excuse?" 

....Now, to me, this is fantastic. I personally know a lot of women who hide behind the guise of "I just had a baby, there's no way I can look like that." She is proof that it IS possible. Interestingly enough, instead of congratulating her on the obvious hard work and dedication that she put into her body, she has received literal hate mail saying that her success is "bullying" and "women shaming."

Could someone explain this to me? That instead of being proud of her and using her as inspiration to get fit, women would rather criticize and come up with another excuse to be feel bad for themselves. It's truly ridiculous. She in no way "bullied" anyone - kudos to her for doing what she needed to do to become the best, healthiest mom she could be. 

Maybe the theory is "if she does it then it my excuses are limited and that scares me." It's true - taking on fitness without having a baby can be very scary! Knowing how hard you'll have to work, not knowing which approach will work for you, not getting quick enough results... it truly is a huge task. Add on a post-baby-body and hormones and I can't even imagine. Yet - instead of using her as an inspiration and a source of information and hope - they decide to tear her down to make themselves feel better.  

I just don't understand how their destructive behavior is beneficial for anyone - including themselves. 

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