Monday, January 20, 2014

And she took a tumble....

Okay so long story short - I fell down while running and had to go see an orthopedist. Minimum a week off of running and I have to wear a really stupid ankle brace. 

That being said I feel completely behind in my training and I hate it. A lot. 

This also means that I can't eat like I'm running a million miles. Not that I was running a million miles but you catch my drift. I started using myfitnesspal again and boy do I hate it. I hate having to input every tablespoon of everything I eat. It's really time consuming and irritating. 

But I hate it most of all because it shows me the ugly truth of what I've been eating. I've been eating way too many calories even when I am running all of my training miles. 

Good News: I now have the power to change my habits and get the results that I want. 
Bad News: I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. Maybe pretend hungry since I'm getting the nutrition I need but hungry all the same. RAWR. 

I'm not sticking to Dr. Orders for much longer. I'm going to run 3 miles tomorrow morning and see how I feel. I have the Hot Chocolate Race this weekend (Sunday) and that's a whopping 9 miles so I want to make sure I'm at least getting some sort of mileage in. So far on recovery it's been the elliptical and bike. Boo. 

Day 1 of total calorie count was a success. (this is where I convince myself there is good in what I'm doing). I met my calorie goal (1300 calories does NOT go far...) with 22 calories to spare. Got my workout in. The nutrition part looked decent. Need more potassium and shockingly more carbs.

Anyhow - my apologies for the lack of update. I haven't been such the positive pam lately and didn't want to scream it all over the internet world. 


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