Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 3 of Marathon Training

What a WEEK. I hate to have such a crummy report but so it goes. This week of training was less that wonderful. If it wasn't already going to be tough to manipulate runs around Christmas festivities, let's just go ahead and add food poisoning to the mix. Basically I misses 3.5 runs. I say .5 because yesterday my long run was scheduled and I was supposed to pump out 6 miles and instead I ran a 5k. The only thing I have to redeem myself about that is that it's my fastest 5k in a long time. WOO! I just wasn't feeling up to par for a long distance run. So, I said I'll run what I can and head home. So I did. The good news is that I can tell that my biking and cycling is working. I came out of the gate running faster than I normally do and I didn't really notice. Fantastic.

Today is cross training. I have lofty goals of what I would like to accomplish tonight at the gym. 
-15 min bike warm up 
-30 min Eliptical (10 min mile speed, medium resistance)
-Ab/Squat circuit (2X each) 
-15 laps in the pool

I really want to pump up the cardio and make sure I get my metabolism back pumping since I had several days with no food. Excited to get back in to it. I was a hoot - I was mostly irritated that I couldn't train. I'm taking this pretty seriously and want to make sure I do everything I can to succeed.

In other news I'd like to talk about gym locker room etiquette. Now, I understand that it's a locker room. People change etc. However, this does not mean that you need to walk around fully naked just because you feel like you can. It's not a lounge. You go in, take your clothes off, put your other clothes on and go. Sometimes, you take your gym clothes off, take a shower, put your other clothes back on and go. No where in this process does it mean walk around the entire locker room with your breasts dragging the ground and make everyone else in the locker room uncomfortable? No where. 

I'll give a quick update tonight on how my workout went. Wish me luck!

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