Saturday, December 21, 2013

End of Week #2 Marathon Training

Well here we are at the end of week two! I'm pretty pleased overall. I stuck to my training schedule as planned except for Thursday. I had a 3 mile run to do and life just interjected and made it not possible. BUT I made up for it today with a 10 mile run instead of a 7 mile run. And let me tell you - it was the hilliest run of my life. Ten miles and it hurt. But I got it done and it was well worth it! I got to run on a trail that I have never ran on before and catch up with an old friend! I don't usually run with anyone but I'm glad I went and ran with Meg and her friend. They were wonderful and helped me along the whole way. I definitely wouldn't have made the second loop of the trail if it wasn't for them. 

The other night I was comparing the elevation charts for the Publix Marathon and the Nashville Marathon. I'm super glad I didn't choose to do that Publix....


Those first few miles of Nashville are going to be brutal... but well worth it for an almost flat 10k at the end. Meg did the Publix as her first marathon and said it was the most traumatic experience ever. Looking at those elevation changes I can certainly see why. 

I made it to the pool on Friday for a swim on my "rest" day. 15 laps and I was pooped. I'm excited to see how much overall body strength I can  develop but it's definitely going to be a journey. Today is a cross training day. I'm not sure what the day will hold as far as that goes. Maybe yoga at 11. And maybe some biking after that with my kendal in hand. Nothing crazy but enough to get my heart rate going and my muscles engaged. 

 It's very satisfying to be able to record all of my miles. Every when my "goal" is the number of miles that are on my training schedule. As long as I follow the schedule I always meet the goal. There's nothing better than being able to see that you have done something great for yourself and your body. 

Here's to getting some fitness in for the day! WOO! 

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