Sunday, December 15, 2013

End of Week 1 Marathon Training

Well, that's a wrap, folks! Week 1 is down in the books and I'm pretty pleased about it. I completed all of my training runs despite the rain and cold temps. I did switch my long run from Saturday to Sunday because it was monsooning. No big deal - still got my miles in. 

Today's run was my first "long run" of my training. 7 miles. The furthest I've been running is a 10k so I was worried about pushing the extra mile that I haven't been running. It was a good run. I wish I would have woken up on time so that I could have had more time to eat properly and hydrate but overall it was great. I found myself being overly concerned about other people around me and my lack of speed. I literally had to mentally block everyone out - I was the only one on the course as far as I was concerned. I finish the 7 miles under my normal pace and am very pleased with my progress. 

Today I wore Addidas cold weather running tights. They're just as effective as my Lady Foot Locker tights. The thing I like more about them is they have a drawstring in the top so I can tighten them. This came in handy when my under armor shirt kept riding up under my Nike cold weather hoodie thing. Very irritating. So I tucked it in and tightened those bad boys up and problem was solved. Also, they "key pocket" is on the right thigh and not on your but or back. That's totally a better spot for it. I typically check about 673 times if I still have my car key in my zippered compartment so it was much easier to check my leg than my back or butt (probably looked a lot less ridiculous, too.) 

In other news I bought a bathing suit so I can do laps at the gym on my rest days to build endurance. Let me tell you how cute this thing is. ... . . . . .. . yeah cause it's not. Not cute. BUT. It will be effective. I'll be giving it a go tomorrow so I'll keep you posted...

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