Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Training Officially Started


Monday marked my first "official" day of training. Good news for me is that Mondays are "rest" days ;-) Today I headed out to the very muddy trail to get my 3 miles in. I went to the trail thinking, "oh, only three miles. NBD." HA! I thought I was going to die until I got past the first two miles. I'm not sure if it was my lack of fluids, the cold weather (whopping 41* with a mighty wind blowing) or a combination of the two. All I know is that I went, got it done and here I am. Tomorrow I've got 5 miles on the docket. I haven't mapped out my 5 miles yet. I'm thinking I'll leave from work and run some back roads that are paved. That seems to be a problem around here. NO SIDEWALKS. But, I'm just going to have to get creative. 

On the plus side, after my run my boo made me a giant glass of ovaltene to have with my 100 calories english muffin. YUM. At least there's chocolate milk at the end, right? 

The dangerous thing about the trail I ran at today is literally right across the street from the outlet mall. As if you needed to ask - of COURSE I stopped by the Nike outlett and the Addidas outlet. I NEEDED new running gloves... I also came out with another cold weather top, some headbands and two new pairs of running tights.

Motivation via shopping? Whatever works! ;-)


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