Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Marathon Training Day 3

Today my fancy running schedule informed me that I was to run 5 miles. So, being the type-A planner that I am, I got on and started looking for places to run. Here in Atlanta, it gets dark at what seems like 3pm so the trails are out except for on the weekends. Sidewalks are kind of sparse and Atlanta drivers are NOT to be trusted to not hit you despite wearing ten pounds of reflective gear. The office where I work is in the middle of a giant office park which has a million back roads WITH sidewalks (which I coincidentally take to and from work) so I decided that was my best shot. I mapped a 2.5 mile route from my office. An out and back method generally works best for me because then it's "2.5 miles and then just back to my car" instead of "a 5 mile loop." Yeah, I try to trick myself. So what.

I spent the whole day psyching myself up. "This is going to be the best run! I'm going to feel great! I'm not going to cramp! WOO!" 

Shockingly, it worked. Just another example that it's mind over matter, people. At 5pm I changed into my running gear and headed out to my designated starting spot. I turned on my Garmin and off I went. It was cold - but having the right running gear TOTALLY makes a difference. 

Long story short I did great. Powerhoused up a hill that I was convinced I would have to walk. I beat my time goal and set a new 5k PR (WELL, post injury PR. Not back to pre injury pace or athleticism yet. In due time). 

Took the challenge, made a plan, let the positivity flow and WHAM! 5 solid training miles on the books. Take THAT marathon training schedule. 


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